About Us

message from founder / director Mr Ahmad Kamaledine

I take this oportunity to thank our customers for their continues support, their confidence in our products inspires us to extend our commitment to expand our local production plant and provide best value for their money.

With 30 years of experience in surface coating solutions, I know too well the importance of having quality products that drives performance, I'm focused on addressing the needs of our customers through innovation, consistency in quality and cost stability.

Le'Mix will have a significant stand (AB02) at 2017 Collision Repair Exhibition in Melbourne, this will provide a platform to expand Le'Mix brand presence across Australia through specially selected distributors, and products knowledge to distribuotrs and consumers.

thank you once again to our loyal distributors and i look forward to see you in the near future. 

Le Mix

Wholesale supplier of surface coating solutions.

Manufacturer  / Converters of Masking Tape - Abrasives - Mixng cups.

Established in 2010 with the aim of introducing GENUINE VALUE alternative products for the re-coating industry.

Le'Mix philosophy and aproach differs from the standard of wholesaling dynamics, Local processing / converting plants provides an edge on competition to standard importing business model and much more flexible in products supply and consistent Quality control.

Investment in local processing  / converting plants is a great example of our commitment to the SURFACE COATING INDUSTRY with the ability to supply larger distributors with private labelling and different style packaging to meet requirments and demand.

Quality Control

Consistancy in quality control is a key factor to eliminate or minimize supply interruptions.

Le’Mix dynamic trade professional’s with 30 years of experience in surface recoating ensures that all of Le’Mix products are subjected to a satisfactory performance testing prior to launch and an ongoing quality control.  

Le'Mix products has earned the respect of trade professionals for its quality, user friendly and performance.


An overwhelimg satisfaction with a vast sales growth across the eastern border of Australia since its inception, a credit to our dedicated team of proffesionals with an outsatanding knowledge of Surface coating products -Surafce coating market and distribution management.

Our mission is a continues challange to provide the ultimate value solution to our distributors.


Le'Mix products are available through selected distributors only, distributors are selected and appointed strategically in different territories, this provide and access to consumers and competitive adge to our distributors.

Le'Mix warehousing is located in Sydney with logistics facilities to enable quick and promt deliveries across Australia.